Iona Presentation College

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We are thrilled to announce that our Iona Presentation College boarders have a new home-away-from-home at the St Hilda's Boarding House.

Iona Presentation College and St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls have entered into a new innovative era, working together to offer rural, regional, remote and overseas families a comfortable and practical living environment at the newly refurbished Boarding House.

This innovative collaboration allows our boarders to have an Iona education, whilst enjoying the social benefits of a larger boarding community.

Located a short stroll from Iona, the Boarding House offers a family-oriented lifestyle from Years 7 to 12. Recreational facilities include sports courts, a swimming pool, an oval, a gymnasium, a multi-purpose flexible recreational space and outdoor areas for barbeques and socialising. Academic facilities include the Library and Technology Centre which is open at night and at weekends, and a prep and study area specifically for boarders.

Your daughter will be amongst a group of young women whose tradition is still very much a part of the Iona community today.  At Iona there is a strong belief in the capacity and responsibility of our young women to contribute significantly to their community, whether it be at school, or in her regional, rural or remote home.

We are proud to say that Iona is a close-knit community where your daughter can feel safe, and with close ties to the Boarding School at St Hilda's, this feeling of safety allows her to build confidence.

Iona Presentation College has a long-standing relationship with many rural, regional and remote WA families. This unique opportunity has been designed to build on that relationship, providing young women a local Mosman Park home for those who want an Iona education.

Please contact our Registrar, Mrs Theresa Loughnan to find out how your daughter can join our Iona community by email or by calling 08 9384 0066.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol at both Iona and St Hilda's?
Families will have an interview at Iona for their daughter's academic education; and a tour at St Hilda's regarding Boarding; with offers coming from each school separately.

How will I be billed?
Families will be billed for Boarding directly by St Hilda's.

How will the Pastoral Care for my daughter work between the two College?
Whilst at Iona for the school day, students will fall under the auspices of any regular Duty of Care at Iona. 'After-hours' Pastoral Care will come from St Hilda's Boarding Staff.

What social opportunities are there for my daughter as a Boarder?
Students will fall under the auspices of St Hilda's and will attend socials and other Boarding events as a St Hilda's Boarder.

At what age can my daughter board?
Boarding is open for students in Years 7-12.

Am I guaranteed a Boarding place for all of my daughter's senior school education?

If offered a boarding position at St Hilda's, your daughter is guaranteed that place for all of her senior school education.

How will a 'regular' school day work?

Iona students who board at St Hilda's will have breakfast and prepare for their school day at the St Hilda's' Boarding House and make their way to Iona for a regular school day. Attending after hours events and co-curricular opportunities at Iona such as rehearsals or IGSSA Sports will need to be liaised with directly through the St Hilda's Boarding House.

The Iona – St Hilda's Relationship
The Head of Boarding at St Hilda's is a parent of Iona students and as such has a great connection with the Iona community. Current Iona boarders have been to socials and the like with St Hilda's in 2019; and the sense of community between Iona and St Hilda's boarders continues to grow. We know that many of the girls come from similar rural, regional and remote backgrounds and will find tremendous support from each other, regardless of which school they attend during the day.

Click this link to find out more about Boarding at St Hilda's Anglican School For Girls.