Iona Presentation College

Year 7 2019

Some helpful information is below to help our Year 7's for 2019 prepare for highschool.

Booklist Information

Please click here to download the Year 7 2019 Booklist

Sustainable School Shop - Second Hand Textbook Trading System

January Swimming Training

Please click here to download the most recent swimming training schedule, commencing on 2 January 2019.

Year 7 2019 Parent Sundowner


Smartrider Cards for Buses

Year 7 students will be given their new Smartrider Cards on their first day at school in 2019.
If students are catching the "Iona only" private buses there will be a two-week grace period where students won't need their cards as the bus driver will write down their names. If catching Transperth buses or trains they will need cash.

Once students have their cards, parents will need to set up a FlexiSchools account for the private buses, or set up a Smartrider account via Transperth.

Uniform Fittings

The Iona Uniform Shop warmly invites you to make an appointment time to purchase your daughter's Iona Presentation College Uniform for the 2019 school year.

Please direct any uniform queries to Peta Schaafsma (Uniform Shop Manager) 9285 5270

The Uniform Shop is located at Iona Presentation College, with the entrance on Lochee Street, Mosman Park.  Please see map below.


2019 Instrumental Music Program

The College's 2019 Instrumental Music Program is now accepting enrolments for new students who wish to learn a musical instrument in 2019.  Please find details of this program and the Enrolment Form here.

If you would like your daughter to learn an instrument next year, please complete the Enrolment Form and return to Mrs Fiona McLarty (Music Administration Assistant),

Please direct any music queries to Fiona McLarty, 9384 0066 or via email.