Iona Presentation College

Learning Enhancement

At Iona Presentation College, the Learning Enhancement team works closely with the teaching staff to provide academic support to students whose identified individual learning needs can be catered for in a mainstream school setting.

The Learning Enhancement team works in collaboration with our College psychologists to help with the process of identifying students who have individual needs, monitoring these students, sharing information with teachers and parents and providing in-class support to these students.

In addition, our learning area specialist teachers provide support to students through differentiation practices, planning teaching and learning programs that will challenge and engage all students. Curriculum Adjustment Plans (CAPs) are developed by the Learning Enhancement team for students who have identified individual needs and teachers use this information to personalise the teaching and learning programs. Teachers make instructional and environmental adjustments and provide special resources as required to support the learning of all students. For students who require Individual Education Plans (IEPs), progress is assessed according to each student's progress in relation to the achievement standards, or her individual learning goals.

In addition to the above-mentioned measures, academic support is also made available to students after school and at lunchtime in the iCentre through the Study Support Schedule.