Iona Presentation College

Future Campus

Building a Love of Learning

The purpose of the new campus

We are excited to showcase of Future Campus to the Iona community – past, present and prospective students and families.

The nature of education has changed significantly over the years with a far greater interaction by students in hands on activities that cater for individual educational experiences that are highly engaging and creative.  This necessitates the redevelopment of our facilities to cater for the same quantity of students but with a much greater emphasis on the quality of the teaching and learning experience.

Senior School – New Learning Centre

Our new learning spaces in the Senior School will provide fresh environments that promote collaboration while allowing for independent 'think' time. Flexible learning spaces, that allow students to create, investigate, explore and communicate to ignite their passion for life-long love of learning. Feature rich workshops and studios, specialised learning spaces for STEM, Production Arts and Technology & Applied Sciences.

Works will commence in early December 2018 on Iona's New Learning Centre (known internally as Stage 5/6) and when complete at the end of 2020, will see a new multi-story learning centre in the heart of the College, connecting the campus together with central meeting spaces for both students and staff. The new centre will feature a multitude of new learning art and fashion spaces, design studios, food technology workshops, innovative maker spaces and STEM studios. It will also house our iconic iCentre – as a technology-rich library and self study space for the 21st century.

As well, Iona students will enjoy our own Café 33 with outdoor forum, with an outlook to our heritage Year 12 building. In addition, the Cove Lane Café leads to a redeveloped Cove Lane that will give Iona its own inner city streetscape… as a reminder of Nano Nagle's vocation through the laneways of Cork. The new learning centre will also connect to the natural world, environmentally sensitive in its use of electricity power augmented by extensive solar panels and world class efficient use of power, passive heating and heating, 'green' walls to keep air clean and fresh and sensible water saving technologies and the use of alternative water sources for gardens.

Junior School - Nature Play

Our philosophy of educating young, developing minds is based on the Reggio Emilia approach, focused on play-based and student-centred learning; where your child is encouraged to make meaning through hands-on experiences, rich in connections to the natural world in very socially driven environments.

With this in mind, earlier this year we embarked on a significant redevelopment of our "outdoor classroom" and have designed a new extensive nature playground that rivals the best in the country. It features slides and stepping blocks, tunnels and platforms, water elements and climbing structures, outdoor learning spaces and amphitheatres, cubbies and shelters, bike tracks and pathing, and more space for hard court ball games.

Around the playground, we have softened and enhanced the surroundings through extensive child—friendly plantings, a larger veggie patch in our Early Learning Centre, and have retained and planted more mature trees to provide shade and shelter for years to come.

Our new Junior School Nature Play space better connects our classrooms with the oval and sporting facilities, providing a diverse and adventure-filled transition zone between the upper and lower levels across our Junior School campus.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Personal Assistant to the Principal, Mrs Denise Phillips or by telephone: 08 9384 0066.