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Past Pupils IPPA

Past Pupils of Iona are a greatly cherished part of our wider community that spans over 110 years.

We regularly celebrate the achievements and the lives of our Past Pupils. Through mentoring, current students are provided with real life examples of true Ionians; independent, determined, confident women who are motivated to achieve their goals.

Friendships and connections are nurtured at the regular catch-ups and reunions held at the College each year and communications are made easy via the biannual publication, Esprit de Corps.

We invite all our Past Pupils to reconnect with the College and to share your stories and successes with us.

Most reunions take place at Iona Presentation College. Please click on the relevant reunion to book your attendance.

2019 Reunions

2018 Reunions

2017 Reunions

Keep Connected

Stay connected with the Iona community and be sure to hear about upcoming reunions.

We love to hear what our Past Pupils are doing since leaving the College and encourage you to submit news about the things that have happened that have been important in your life.

Esprit de Corps

We invite all our Past Pupils to reconnect with the College and to share you stories with us.

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