Technology moves with the students and staff throughout the school day and to home.

To enrich learning opportunities at Iona, each student and teacher is provided with a 13-inch MacBook for use at school and home. All classrooms are equipped with either a smartboard or digital touch screen with sound. A comprehensive wireless system with 1GB internet connection ensures continual connectivity across the campus.

These solutions allow students and staff the necessary tools required to create media-rich information, allow for collaborative opportunities and enhanced communication with the College community and beyond.

As the ubiquitous use of technology becomes increasingly the 'norm' at Iona Presentation College more technology resources are being provided to ensure a seamless delivery of a technology-infused curriculum. Examples of how technology supports this goal are:

  • Every teaching area has a digital display solution including data projectors, smartboards, interactive televisions and Apple TV.
  • Digital still and video and Go Pro cameras are available for loan from the iCentre.
  • Every teaching staff member has a Macbook.
  • Every Head of Learning Area has an iPad.
  • Kindles with a range of eBooks and audiobooks are available for loan in the iCentre. Students with learning difficulties have priority to access these resources as they have voice and visual cues to assist their reading.
  • A charging station in the iCentre is available for students to charge their MacBooks.
  • Electronics , robotics and coding resources and equipment including 3D printers are available in the Makerspaces area in the iCentre.
  • A range of digital resources and curriculum support materials, managed by the iCentre, are available for access by the Iona community. These resources include information databases, Web 2.0 tools and applications, video libraries and the  Inspired Learning at Iona and ROAD at Iona websites (see  details in Digital Content).