Year 7 Transition

Welcoming our New Year 7 Ionians

For all Year 7 girls, it is a big step leaving primary school and commencing their senior school journey. The journey leading up to actually donning an Iona uniform begins years prior, when future students receive the biannual newsletter Iona Insight which provides a window into life in the Iona community. Many months before we officially welcome our Year 7 students in February, the transition for our new Ionians and their families has already begun. The College places a lot of importance ensuring that all new Ionians feel welcomed, supported and nurtured through this new beginning—and beyond.

The Start of the Important Parent/College Partnership      

In the August prior to commencement, we welcome the parents of our new girls to the Year 7 Parent Information Evening where we talk about our Year 7 curricular, co-curricular and pastoral care programs and what to expect as a Year 7 parent. It is an evening of discussion where we welcome questions and input from our parents and it marks the beginning of a close partnership between the College and the parent body. The College aims to ensure the best educational outcomes for our girls in a spiritual and emotionally supportive environment where each girl is an important and valued member of the Iona community.

Blossoming Friendships     

Soon after, we welcome our new Year 7 students at Orientation Day—a day which has a strong emphasis on friendship and developing a sense of belonging. The girls sample a taste of the many exciting opportunities they will be exposed to along their Ionian journey. Fun group activities are arranged over the various learning areas and friendships begin to blossom.

Forming Strong Bonds as Ionians     

In early December we again welcome our new Year 7 cohort to the College for Peer Support Day. This is a really exciting day when the girls are placed into their House groups and meet their Year 11 Peer Support Leader for the following year.  They participate in hands-on activities and enjoy lunch together, with strong bonds forming by the end of the day. Their Year 11 Peer Support Leader plays a very important role as a friend and mentor throughout their first year at the College.

Year 7 girls then feel a lot more confident and excited about their journey ahead, and more importantly, they know they are now Ionians!