Concept Design and Project Management of Stage 1

  • Anne Pitos
  • Ian Anthony
  • Gemma Thomson

Project Management of Stage 2 and compilation of written and oral narratives for each station

  • Gemma Thomson

Donation of the Nano Nagle Statue (Station 1)

  • Congregation of the Presentation Sisters of Western Australia

Oral Recording of individual Stations

  • Rosilee Smith and Makayla Fazackerley
  • Gemma Thomson
  • Sister Anna Fewer PBVM
  • Sister Nora Moynihan PBVM
  • Sister Mary Mackin PBVM
  • Sister Marion Beard PBVM
  • Sister Irene Young PBVM
  • Sister Consuela Worthington PBVM
  • Sister Terri Emslie PBVM
  • Sister Maureen Moynihan PBVM
  • Sister Lucy van Kessel PBVM

Presentation Sisters Archives and Editorial Support

  • Sister Irene Young PBVM
  • Sister Mary Mackin PBVM

Design Support

  • Philip Idle, Chloe Summer and Lauren Stokes from Edgar Idle Wade Architects

Art Design for Totems and Plaques, Nano Nagle Statue, repair of Saint Columba and design of the Blackwater Pond

  • Meg Barry and Tim Whiteman from Artcom Fabrications

Presentation Women Mural Design and Installation

  • Mikaela Miller from Mikaela Miller Creative

Install and Services

  • Dane Glenn and Ed Neville from TPM Project Managers

Landscaping coordination

  • Bob Hancox and Phil Jones from PS Structures


  • Andrew Thomas from 4 Landscape Design

Graphic Design for Stage 2 Virtual Stations

  • Rosemary Lynch from Isometric
  • Cathy Broad

Ideation and Inspiration

Iona Presentation College Staff and Students