Presentation Reflection Walk | Go One Step Beyond (Station 12)

Go One Step Beyond

Station 12 –

Go One Step Beyond

Location: Blackwater Pond Wall

Audio: Read by Sister Lucy van Kessel PBVM, Presentation Sister, Past Pupil (Class of 1961) and Past Staff Member.

Nano's vision of meeting the needs of the church is prophetically expressed in her letter to Miss Fitzsimons, "If I could be of service in saving souls in any part of the globe, I would willingly do all in my power." The notion of serving others, particularly the poor and marginalised, and going 'one step beyond' is synonymous with Presentation Sisters and Presentation people around the globe.

We know from the history of the Presentation congregations as they spread around the world that the Spirit of Nano and her call to action continues to be transformational in the lives of sisters, students, staff and many others over the years. The work of Presentation people continues to challenge unjust structures, welcome people, respect their dignity and inspire others to 'find the courage to sing a different song' and to work for an alternative society in which all people are included. For us to continue to 'go one step beyond', we are encouraged to reflect deeply on our individual and collective spirituality, just as Nano did. She faced failure and obstacles in her life and was able to let go of what did not further the mission of Jesus Christ.

This commitment to lived virtue and action for justice was authentic in Nano's life as she strove to realise the mission of God in her time and place. We, too as Presentation people, are called to 'go one step beyond' and to use 'deeds rather than words' (the Nagle family motto). Liam Lawton, in his song 'One Step Beyond', issues a challenge to all Presentation people to continue to 'light the lantern' and keep the Presentation charism at the core of all we do.

The College's longstanding commitment to Christian Service provides staff and students with meaningful and unique opportunities to keep Nano's lantern 'burning bright' in the local community.

At an international level, the Presentation Sisters are committed to bringing the light of Christ to the world through three units:

  • The Union of Presentation Sisters which includes Africa, Canada, England, India, New Zealand, Latin America, Ireland, Pakistan, Philippines and the United States.
  • The Conference of Presentation Sisters of North America which includes Aberdeen Dubuque, St. John's - Newfoundland, New Windsor, Staten Island, San Francisco, and the United States Province.
  • The Australian and PNG Society of Presentation Sisters which includes Lismore, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Wagga Wagga, Western Australia, with a mission in Thailand, and Papua New Guinea.

Together, they comprise the International Presentation Association, otherwise known as IPA. The mission of IPA is to channel the resources of the various congregations of Presentation Sisters to speak and act in partnership with others for global justice. It is the IPA's NGO status with the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations in New York, that provides a structure for dealing with global justice issues, specifically those related to Environment and Sustainable Living, Human Rights, Indigenous People and Women and Children.

The legacy of Nano Nagle also continues through the Nagle Education Alliance of Australia. The NEAA provides leadership to school communities across Australia in their endeavour to identify with, express and live out the Presentation charism and mission in sharing resources and experiences. Its mission is to bring Australian Presentation People together through education and social justice.


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