Presentation Reflection Walk | Explanation of the Presentation Reflection Walk


Explanation of the Presentation Reflection Walk

Audio: Read by Gemma Thomson, Dean of Mission and Catholic Identity and Past Pupil (Class of 2006).

Our Presentation Reflection Walk is a beautiful pilgrimage that is located on our Senior School Campus in Mosman Park, which honours the heritage and tradition of the Presentation Sisters in Western Australia and nominates connections between Presentation People and Presentation Schools around the world.

When planning was underway for the Albeus Fahey Building some years ago, the idea of a creating a unique and contemporary Reflection Walk came to the fore, with the purpose being threefold:

  1. Firstly, to educate about the Venerable Nano Nagle narrative, the foundress of the Presentation Sisters
  2. Secondly, to honour the diverse contributions of the Presentation Sisters in Western Australia, with a particular focus on their contribution to Iona Presentation College in terms of education.
  3. Thirdly, to identify existing historical items of significance or statues on our Senior School Campus that have a connection to our Presentation heritage and connect them to the mission of Presentation People today.

The Presentation Reflection Walk has been designed in such a way that allows for it to be accessed both locally, nationally, and internationally and either in person, or online. There is the possibility of a face to face guided tour with participants, a self-guided tour using the QR codes or an online tour using the virtual map on our College website.

The Walk is divided into 13 different stations, all identifiable by a totem denoting a lantern or a plaque, each which has a brief description of the station and a QR Code, which can be used to access further information.

A narrative has been compiled for each station using a mix of archival and anecdotal information from the Presentation Sisters Archives of Western Australia, the Iona Presentation College Archives, conversations with Presentation Sisters and Presentation People and other sources indicated on the College webpage.

Each station's narrative is read by a Presentation Sister from our Western Australian Congregation; all of whom, amongst many others past and present, have played an important role in our Presentation story here at Iona.

The stations are as follows:

  1. Nano Nagle Statue (generously donated by the Presentation Sisters of Western Australia) – read by Sister Anna Fewer PBVM
  2. Cove Lane / Dunbar Plaza – read by Sister Nora Moynihan PBVM
  3. Presentation Women Mural – read by Sister Mary Mackin PBVM
  4. Cove Lane Lights – read by Sister Marion Beard PBVM
  5. Iona Presentation Community - read by Sister Marion Beard PBVM
  6. Our Lady of Fatima Archway – read by Sister Irene Young PBVM
  7. Angelus Bell - read by Sister Consuela Worthington PBVM
  8. Mary and Saint Columba – read by Sister Mary Mackin PBVM
  9. Presentation of Mary in the Temple-Stained Glass Window – read by Sister Terri Emslie PBVM
  10. Moreton Bay Figs and Presentation Oaks – read by Sister Maureen Moynihan PBVM
  11. Celtic Cross – read by Sister Anna Fewer PBVM
  12. Go One Step Beyond – read by Sister Lucy van Kessel PBVM
  13. Blackwater Pond – read by Sister Lucy van Kessel PBVM

We hope that you enjoy our very special and much treasured Presentation Reflection Walk; that you can feel the presence of God and Nano as you journey through our campus either in person or online, and that you can feel, see, and hear the essence of the rich heritage and tradition that is Iona Presentation College.