Presentation Reflection Walk | Celtic Cross (Station 11)

Celtic Cross

Station 11 –

Celtic Cross

Location: Between Sacre Couer East and the Original School Building

Audio: Read by Sister Anna Fewer PBVM, Presentation Sister and Past Staff Member.

The Celtic Cross is a strong symbol of faith that has been used for centuries around the world. An Irish Celtic Cross combines a cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. A symbol of redemption, it is thought by many that the ring symbolises a halo and the cross indicates the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us.

The Catholic Church in Ireland at the time of Nano Nagle was highly influenced by the Celtic heritage of the region, therefore, it was only natural that the Presentation Sisters who left to come to Australia to continue Nano's good work would recognise the Celtic Cross as a significant symbol for the Order.

On the Isle of Iona, there are many examples of Celtic Crosses that date back to 8-10th Century, including St Martin's Cross (the Iona Cross) and St John's Cross. This cross is a contemporary version of the original seventh century "Iona Cross" found on the Isle of Iona. Such crosses were introduced to faithful communities by Saint Patrick and Saint Columba, melding the Christian Cross with symbols of the sun and ancient Celtic carvings.

At Iona, we celebrate Nano's Irish heritage and that of our Presentation Sisters. Saint Patrick's Day is a much celebrated and enduring Feast Day at Iona Presentation College. It is a long-lasting Iona tradition that Saint Patrick's Day is commemorated with an outdoor Eucharistic Celebration in Memorial Park before various celebratory activities for the community


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