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Long Tan Awards

Each year, the Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area nominates two students to receive the Long Tan Youth Leadership Award. These awards are sponsored by the Australian Defence Force, and they recognise a student who has made a substantial contribution to the College and wider community.

This year, the recipients of the awards were Claudia Churack (12 O'Dowling) and Sophia Spadanuda (10 Moynihan).

The awards commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. In 1966, during the Vietnam War, Australian soldiers fought an important strategic battle at the small town of Long Tan, in southern Vietnam.  Despite being heavily outnumbered, after several days of fighting the Australians won the battle. The reason for that victory was subsequently attributed to the Australians' leadership, teamwork and courage when faced with a difficult situation.

The Long Tan Youth Leadership Awards recognise the same characteristics that the Australian soldiers showed: leadership, teamwork and perseverance when difficulties occur.

At a recent College Assembly, Petty Officer Brendan Hunt (Royal Australian Navy) visited the College and presented the awards to the successful students. Students received a certificate and some prize money from the Australian Defence Force.

Petty Officer Hunt also read the citations for each student, provided by the relevant Head of Year.

Sophia Spadanuda: "Sophia is a fantastic communicator who always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Each day she is always willing to assist and is involved in every aspect of College life. She is enthusiastic and caring and is constantly making a positive contribution to the College."

Claudia Churack: "Claudia has shown excellent leadership within the College environment and wider community. She is always willing to take on responsibility and is respected by her peers and staff. She has extensive involvement in College activities, including academic and cultural groups. She displays the College values of excellence, good communication, and the ability to work in a team."

Congratulations to the successful students, and thank you for your contribution to the College.

Justin Farley

Head of Humanities and Social Sciences