Iona Presentation College


The study of Mathematics is not only an essential component in the study of many other disciplines, it also has its own status as a creative art. At Iona Presentation College, we hope that students will learn to appreciate both the beauty and power of Mathematics.

We aim to educate our students to be able to competently tackle whatever tertiary courses they may choose to study. In addition, we aim to prepare our students to achieve a level of competency in Mathematics that will enable them to make sensible decisions and predictions about their personal lives and to be able to manage their finances independently. We also aim to equip them with the tools needed to make informed decisions about the many social and scientific issues concerning the global community.

Innovative teaching models are a focus. This includes, a collaborative approach between Mathematics and Science in Year 7 and alternative Mathematics pathways for a number of other year groups. An overall focus on STEM education, linking Mathematics with Science, Technology and  Engineering, runs throughout the College.