Iona Presentation College

Service Groups

Venerable Nano Nagle, foundress of the Presentation Sisters, said, "If I could be of service in saving souls in any part of the globe, I would gladly do all in my power."

Service is at the heart of the Presentation tradition and a core value that is instilled into all students who attend the College.

Iona students have an outstanding reputation in the community for their consistent positive involvement in many different spheres of service and the diversity of our service offerings ensures that every student has the possibility of serving in the Presentation tradition in an area of interest to them. All students engage in service at an age-appropriate level, both as part of their teaching and learning program, and as part of the College Co-curricular program.

Co-Curricular Service Groups include:

Community Cook-Ups

Open to all students who display an interest in cooking and helping those in need. Community Cook-Up dates will be scheduled throughout the Term and students will be advised of these dates. Students are required to bring all ingredients to cook with and the produce will be donated to local Catholic and Christian organisations. Once a term student will be offered the opportunity to cook a meal for an outreach program and will be asked to contribute $5 for the cost of ingredients in lieu of bringing their own.

Year 7 students may attend once they have completed the Foods elective beginning at the start of Term 3.

Enviro Group

Do you love nature and wildlife? Do you care about climate change and the devastating impact of plastic waste on our oceans and marine life? Do you want to take an active role in being a steward of our environment and to support the larger effort of the Presentation Sisters related to sustainable development goals?

The Environment Group is open to all year groups. We welcome members who are interested in environmental issues and, most importantly, we welcome people who are ready to step up and take action, starting with promoting sustainable practices at our College.

In joining the Environment Group, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, be involved in problem solving and develop sound communication skills. As we are interested in supporting environmental action on a local, national and global level, you will enjoy the opportunity to network with like-minded students from within the College and from elsewhere. You will also have the opportunity to listen to inspiring guest speakers and learn what you can do to truly make a difference.

Ministry Group

The Student Ministry Group is open to all students from Years 7 - 12 who have an interest in faith ministry, music ministry and mission drives. Students will be involved in assisting with Mass and Liturgy preparations as well as other faith-related and service-related aspects of College life, or alternatively, assist with liturgical music at our Masses and liturgies when required.

Uthando Dolls

Uthando means love. The organisation enables Australians to make dolls for children affected by HIV and AIDS in South Africa. These children literally have nothing. They are affected by HIV either because they have lost their parents to the virus or they are HIV positive, or both. Students bring $10 for shipping and materials, collect a pattern and fabric to make the doll. 

Young Pressies

All students from Years 7–12, are welcome to attend and develop themselves as a young Presentation person who is passionate about social justice. Students who participate in this important service group will learn more about the social justice work and ministry of the Presentation Sisters, and engage in exciting and interesting service activities, listen to Guest Speakers and participate in advocacy activities centred around social justice. The focus of this service group is on women, children and Aboriginal people, as our Presentation Sisters have a commitment to these groups at the United Nations in New York. Students will develop into true Presentation people as a result of partaking in this exciting service group.