Iona Presentation College

Faith Formation and Expanding Perspectives

Senior School

In the Senior School, Religious Education is an academic subject with the same systematic demands and rigour as other subjects and promotes valuable 21st century learning skills such as critical thinking, writing, use of technology and collaboration. All students attending the College participate in our Religious Education program from Years 7 to 12, and it is also offered as an ATAR subject in Years 11 and 12. The majority of Year 11 and 12 students at the College who elect to study Religion & Life at the ATAR level use this subject as one of their top four, thereby contributing very positively to their final ATAR score.

At Iona, we empower our students with religious knowledge so that they can understand the Catholic beliefs and teachings, as well as have the opportunity to explore philosophy and ethics in a Catholic context. We emphasise to our students that their participation in Religious Education will assist them to grow into the women God intended, by helping them develop spiritually, academically, physically, morally and emotionally.

Annual Reflection Days for each year group emphasise a different aspect of student faith development and support the ongoing class Religious Education programs. These reflection days use external professional presenters to enhance a student's insight into who they are and who they want to be. The focus of the different days motivates students to consider their own gifts and talents, the choices they make and their personal faith journey. Additionally, other faith formation experiences offered to the students include, but are not limited to, prayer, meditation, Masses and liturgies, Guest Speakers and relevant contemporary faith-based activities.