Iona Presentation College

Iona Chartered Buses

Iona offers seven private bus services to and from the College using the charter company BusWest/ATG.  
To determine the bus route that suits you best, please see this map - Iona Bus Network Overview. More detailed information for each route can be found by clicking on the relevant links below.
For ticketing information please see further down the page.



Servicing Cockburn Central, Beeliar, Spearwood, Hamilton Hill, South Fremantle, Palmyra, and East Fremantle.

This service commences and finishes at Cockburn Gateways Shopping Centre.

Cockburn Line Map


Servicing Como / South Perth, Applecross, Melville, East Fremantle and North Fremantle

Canning Highway Line Map


Servicing Floreat, Wembley, Jolimont, Mt Claremont, Swanbourne and Cottesloe

Floreat Line Map


Servicing Mandurah, Rockingham, Munster and O'Connor

Mandurah Line Map


Servicing Leeming, Murdoch, Winthrop, Myaree, Attadale, Bicton and East Fremantle

Murdoch Line Map


Servicing North Beach, Trigg, Karrinyup, Scarborough, Wembley Downs and City Beach.

North Beach Line Map


Subiaco Line Map


Transfers to and from the College from the Victoria Street train station are free. 

Students still need to use their smartriders to tap on and off the bus, but this will not incur a fee at this stop.

For morning pickups, the Canning Highway bus collects students from the bus stop on Stirling Hwy Mosman Park - outside the Victoria St Train Station.  See the Canning Hwy Line for details.

In the afternoons, the North Beach bus services the two bus stops either side of the Victoria Street train station.  See the North Beach Line for details.

Ticketing system for Iona Private Buses

Iona Presentation College and BusWest/ATG have partnered with Transportme™ to provide a user friendly app-based ticketing system, which allows you to add funds to your Smartrider, check bus routes and track buses in real time.
Students use their Iona Smartrider cards to tap on and off the bus, and the fare ($2.50) is deducted from your Transportme account. You can add funds to your account quickly and easily by setting an auto top-up.

How to pay for tickets on an Iona private bus:

1.Download the Transportme™ Passenger app from the App Store or Google Play Store

Transportme Passenger App on the Apple Store


2.Sign-in to the App - create an account with an email and password of your choice.  Caregivers and students can have their own copies of the app. 

3. Once signed in, select Smartcard to set up one or more student cards. You will need a username and password. These will be emailed to each caregiver. The operator is Australian Transit Group.

4. Once logged into the Smartcard you can add funds (via Stripe), set an auto top-up and view transactions.

5.Live Tracking: Use this part of the app to track a bus, save a stop and receive notifications letting you know how far the bus is from your saved stop. Note that the buses are only visible when en-route, and you do not need to log-in to the Smartcard to use this part of the app.

For further instructions on how to use the app read the Transportme Passenger PDF (updated 19 July 2021)

For any queries regarding the bus routes or for smartcard usernames and passwords, please contact Beth Garvey, email or ph: 9285 5246


All students are required to have a Smartrider when catching the private bus. 
 Smartriders are issued to all new students in Years 3 – 12 in the first few weeks of Term 1. 
 Students in Year 2 and below who require a smartrider, please contact Junior School reception to arrange.
Lost cards need to be replaced at a cost of $10.  
Senior School students, please order a new card from the Solais. 
Junior school students, please order a new card from Junior School reception.
Students will be able to catch the private bus while they wait for the arrival of their new / replacement cards, or if they forget their cards.  Drivers can manually allocate the ride via their ticketing device.
Please note:
Smartrider can be used on both the private Iona buses and public transport, but funding for tickets comes from different sources. 
The Transportme™ Passenger app is used to pay for tickets on the private Iona buses.  
Please contact Transperth for the public buses or trains.