Iona Presentation College

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2

The Junior School Early Learning Centre (ELC) establishes a pathway for each child to learn, discover and grow.

In the early years, our philosophy is based on Reggio Emilia approach and focuses on play-based, student-centred learning, where children are encouraged to make meaning through hands-on experiences and to apply their newfound knowledge to every aspect of their lives.

At Iona, we recognise the early years as a time of exploration, and we believe that each child is a strong, capable and resilient learner who abounds with wonder and knowledge. Each child is supported in developing their own unique gifts through a child focused Curriculum that acknowledges the whole child and further develops their unique capabilities and a love of learning.

Our staff create a caring, safe and stimulating environment that nurtures your child's natural curiosity to wonder, explore, and construct meaning about the world.

Iona's ELC programs are comprehensive, engaging and educational. Based on the Early Years Learning Framework, it has "a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language and social and emotional development." (The Early Years Learning Framework-Belonging, Being and Becoming p.5).

Children develop their creativity, emotional wellbeing, sense of belonging and social skills throughout their time in the Early Learning Centre.

Pre-Kindergarten (3 year old program)

To join our Pre-Kindy program, your son or daughter will need to be three years of age. If your child has not turned three at the commencement of the school year, they may be enrolled, and we will hold their place until after their third birthday.

Our Pre-Kindy program was assessed in May 2017 and rated by the Education and Care Regulatory Unit against the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education (NQS). We were rated as exceeding the National Quality Standards in all seven areas of the NQS and have therefore received an overall rating of exceeding the National Quality Standards.

Iona's Junior School currently offers a two-day Pre-Kindy Program:

3 Day Program            Wednesday/Thursday/Friday           8.50am – 3.00pm

Kindergarten (Kindy)

Our Kindy program is for children who turn four years of age before or on 30 June in the year. In Kindy, children continue to wonder, explore and create.

4 Day Program             Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday              8.50am – 3.00pm

Pre-Primary – Year 2

Pre-Primary is the first official year of full-time schooling at Iona Presentation College's Junior School. Teachers guide your child through a range of activities and learning areas and further develop their skills in the social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical areas of development.

Early Years Curriculum

Literacy, Numeracy and Scientific Investigation

A balanced approach to teaching and learning, using a play-based education program, will engage your child, encouraging autonomy and responsibility. Explicit intentional teaching is used to focus on literacy, numeracy and scientific investigation skills in a dynamic and hands on environment.

Your child is encouraged to wonder, ask questions, explore and strive to understand the world around them. Emphasis is placed on social and emotional development so that children build strong relationships, can work with others, and develop a positive sense of self.

The Arts

Early participation in the Arts can stimulate children's imagination and creativity, develop social skills and provide valuable multi-literacy skills in a world where film, animation and digital images have been present since birth.

Music and Movement - Students engage in fun and creative music making that forms the basis of the ongoing Music program for future years. Pre-Kindy to Year 2 students participate in Performing Arts classes through Music, Dance and Drama classes with specialist teachers.

Visual Arts - Patterns, symbols, and images provide the means for self-expression and communication of thoughts and concepts. Experimentation with ways of expressing ideas and making meaning using a range of media begins our students' journey in the creative arts. Pre-Primary to Year 2 students participate in a Visual Arts program with a specialist teacher each week.


Young children are fascinated with and have a natural enthusiasm for language. The Early Childhood Languages program at Iona introduces the French language and culture from Pre-Primary onwards. Students learn through song, dance, games, puzzles and other engaging interactive activities.

Health and Physical Education

Energetic physical activity which draws on family and community experiences form the basis of planned Physical Education activities in the Early Childhood context for Pre-Kindy to Year 2 students.  Both new and familiar games, using a wide range of materials, aim to engage both fine and gross motor skills and improve spatial awareness.  Play space is always negotiated to provide opportunities for students to learn about the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others.

Watch the video below to hear first-hand from some of our ELC staff, students and parents.