Iona Presentation College

Health Centre & Student Support

When Your Child Needs Support    

The College has two psychologists, who promote the mental health and wellbeing of your child and provide counselling to any student who might want to talk to someone about issues such as:

  • emotional difficulties including sadness, worry, anger, stress and anxiety
  • friendship issues
  • family conflict
  • study techniques
  • relaxation techniques.

The College psychologists assist the Head of Junior School, Head of Senior School and Heads of Year in delivering the Pastoral Care programs for their year groups by presenting on different topics.

The psychologists can also assist with the learning needs of your child. This may involve referral for psychometric assessment and recommendations to improve learning skills. Students may self-refer or be referred by their parents or teachers.

The College psychologists adhere to the Australian Psychological Society's Code of Ethics. This includes keeping conversations with students confidential. The exception to this is if someone is at risk of harm, then confidentiality may need to be broken in order to ensure the individual's safety.

Visiting the Health Centre    

To ensure the College provides consistently high-quality health care, measures have been put in place to assist families when your child becomes unwell at school.

Your child has access to a dedicated on-site sick bay on both our campuses. Students can visit sick bay for first aid, minor ailments, injury and illness that occurs throughout the school day. In the Junior School, sick bay is managed by staff with First Aid qualifications and in the Senior School a Registered Nurse is on campus from 8.00am to 5.00pm each day.