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Iona Presentation College welcomes all feedback and suggestions from our parents and the broader community. Iona takes seriously any concerns or complaints that may be raised, and gratefully shares positive feedback with those involved.

We wish to ensure that:

  • parents wishing to give feedback or raise concerns know how to do so
  • we share positive feedback with those involved and the broader community as appropriate to continue to encourage and celebrate successes
  • we respond to feedback or concerns within a reasonable time and in a courteous and efficient way, with respect and confidentiality as appropriate
  • parents understand that we listen and take all such feedback seriously
  • we take action as and where appropriate

Feedback and Complaints Procedure

To view our Feedback and Complaints Procedure in full detail, including common Frequently Asked Questions, please click on the links below.

I don't want to complain as such, but there is something I am concerned about or wish to offer feedback on

The College is here for you and your child, and we want to hear your views and your ideas. It is better to raise issues early, before they become bigger. Contact the College as described below.

If, as parents, you have concerns, you are entitled to raise them. If in doubt, you should contact the school, as we are here to help.

How should I offer feedback or raise a concern?

When you contact the College, ask to speak to the appropriate staff member. If you are unsure who to speak to, be as clear as possible about what the issue is and our College Receptionists will connect you to the relevant person.

Members of staff are happy to help. It may be best to start with the person most closely concerned with the issue – for example, to raise academic or general progress with the Homeroom teacher, subject teacher, Head of Year, Head of Learning Area; sports matters with the Director of Sport, etc. They should be able to sort things out quickly.

However, you may prefer to take the matter to a more senior member of staff: Dean of Senior Students, Deputy Principal Learning & Innovation (for academic matters), Deputy Principal Senior School - Wellbeing (for Senior School pastoral care matters), Deputy Principal - Head of Junior School (for Junior School pastoral care matters) or the College Principal.

Steps in raising a concern or making a complaint

  1. Speak or write to the person involved (e.g. classroom teacher, Homeroom teacher, coach)
    If not resolved, then
  2. Speak or write to the relevant department leader (e.g. Head of Year, Head of Learning Area, Director of Sport)
    If not resolved, then
  3. Speak or write to a member of the College Leadership Team (e.g. Deputy Principals, Business Manager)
    If not resolved, then
  4. Speak or write to the College Principal

Complaints About Child Safety Incidents or Concerns at or Involving the College or its Staff Members

Complaints about or allegations of breaches of the Child Safe Codes of Conduct; child abuse, grooming or other harm of a current or former student by current or former staff members
to current or former students
or other people on College premises or at College events,
are managed by the College in a different manner from other complaints.
This is because of the additional confidentiality and privacy requirements surrounding these kinds of matters.
We refer to these as child safety related complaints.
If your complaint is a child safety related complaint, please make your complaint to:

  • for the Senior School: the Deputy Principal Senior School - Wellbeing, Ms Maria Garbin, on 08 9384 0066 or at
  • for the Junior School: the Deputy Principal - Head of Junior School, Mrs Karen Jones, on 08 9286 9100 or at
  • or, if for whatever reason you cannot contact either of the above Deputy Principals, please notify the College Principal, Ms Robyn Miller on 08 9384 0066 or at

I am not satisfied with the response I have received so far and I wish to make a complaint

A complaint will be treated as an expression of genuine dissatisfaction that needs to be addressed consistently and given a response. The College follows the Dispute and Complaint Resolution Guidelines as Catholic Education WA's Policy Statement (2-D1) which is at the end of this document. In general, the College abides by the following principles:

  1. Individual cases will be considered on their merit
  2. All cases will be treated with appropriate confidentiality
  3. Parents or the community have the opportunity to raise matters with members of staff with whom they feel comfortable or can address the matter
  4. All complaints raised will be dealt with as a matter of urgency
  5. Any complaint made will be given due time to allow for the issue to be carefully understood and considered by all parties concerned
  6. The Principal may delegate authority in these matters to other members of staff, such as Heads of Year, Heads of Learning Areas, Deputy Principals or Business Manager
  7. If the complaint is of a highly serious nature, the Principal will inform the Chair of the College Board.

What will happen next?

If you raise something or make a suggestion face‐to‐face or by telephone, it may be possible to resolve the matter immediately.

If you have raised a concern or made a complaint in writing or on-line, we will contact you as soon as possible to respond to your concerns and explain how we propose to proceed.

In many circumstances, the person you contact will need to discuss the matter with a colleague and consider it further before responding. You will be given a date by which time you will receive a response. If a detailed exploration of the issue is needed, a letter or report will be sent to you as quickly as possible. This will tell you of the outcome of your complaint. It will explain the conclusion, the reasons for it, and any action taken or proposed.

What happens about confidentiality?

Your complaint or concern will be treated in a confidential manner and with respect. Knowledge of it will be limited to the Principal and those directly involved. The Chair of the College Board may also need to be informed. It is the College's policy that complaints made by parents will not rebound adversely on their children.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to make third parties outside the school aware of the complaint and possibly also the identity of those involved. This would only be likely to happen where, for example, a child's safety was at risk or it becomes necessary to refer matters to the authorities. You would be fully informed.

While information relating to specific complaints will be kept confidentially on file, we would point out that anonymous complaints might not be pursued.

Any action would be handled confidentially within the College.

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint?

We hope that you will feel satisfied with the outcome, or at least that your concerns have been fully and fairly considered.

Should this not be the case, the Principal will offer to refer the matter to the Chair of the College Board. Alternatively, you may wish to write directly to the Chair via the College. This should be marked "confidential" and addressed to: The Chair of the College Board, Iona Presentation College, 33 Palmerston Street, Mosman Park, WA 6012.

The College Board Chair will call for a full report from the Principal, and will examine matters thoroughly before responding. A positive solution will hopefully be achieved, but if it does not, the Chairman will invite you to a meeting. You may wish to be supported by a friend, but legal representation would not be appropriate at this stage.

The Director General of the Department of Education is responsible for ensuring that the school observes the registration standards, including the standard about its complaint handling system.  Any student, parent or community member is entitled to contact the Director General with concerns about how the school has dealt with a complaint.  Information is available on the Department of Education website.  While the Director General may consider whether the school has breached the registration standards, she does not have the power to intervene in a complaint or override the school's decision.

The College recognises and acknowledges your entitlement to express your concern and we hope to work with you in the best interests of the young people in our care.

To provide feedback, anonymously or with your details should you require a response, please complete the following form.

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