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Social Sciences

Social Sciences is a dynamic learning area, which develops students' understanding of how individuals and groups live together and interact with their environment.

Iona students benefit by taking part in many cross-curricular activities, such as with English on the theme of 'life in ancient history' and Science with 'environmental geography'. Girls enjoy much practical experience with field trips, model-making and relating to real-life experiences.

Iona's teachers of Social Sciences are passionate and experienced with most teaching this subject up to Year 12 ATAR level. A great number have WACE marking experience and have been writers of textbooks and courses themselves.

It aims to provide students with appropriate knowledge, skills and values in order to understand and participate effectively in rapidly changing local, national and global societies and environments.

The Social Sciences learning area encourages students to:

  • actively explore, make sense of and contribute to improving the world around them
  • learn about society, human relationships and people in communities, groups and as individuals
  • investigate how people view the past, experience the present and shape the future
  • develop a respect for cultural heritage and a commitment to social justice, the democratic process and ecological sustainability
  • make reasoned and informed decisions as citizens of a diverse, democratic society in an increasingly interdependent world

Read the Humanities & Social-Sciences Learning Area Booklet 2017Read the Humanities & Social-Sciences Learning Area Booklet 2017