Iona Presentation College


At Iona, we believe that learning a language expands students' horizons as both national and global citizens of the 21st century.

In the Languages learning area (encompassing French, Italian and Indonesian) students learn to communicate effectively in languages other than English. They gain an understanding of other societies, the ability to interact with people and cultures other than their own and practical skills which they can use in future social, cultural and vocational areas. Through Languages, students are also able to further develop their skills and understandings in English and their literacy in general.

Benefits of studying a language at Iona:

  • For all the languages (French, Italian and Indonesian) Iona provides language assistants for invaluable speaking practise.
  • Girls studying French or Italian can immerse themselves in that country's culture by taking part in exchange programs which run every two years.
  • Future exchange programs are being enthusiastically investigated for girls studying Indonesian.