Iona Presentation College

Health and Physical Education

The aim of the Health and Physical Education Learning Area is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop and refine their skills and knowledge associated with active and healthy lifestyles.

As students' progress through Years 7 to 10, they are introduced to a variety of sports in Physical Education and relevant topics in Health.

Students in Years 9 and 10 Outdoor Education enjoy the challenge of kayaking, high ropes, fishing, surfing, and snorkelling. They also undertake Aboriginal Studies and complete their Bronze Star and Bronze Medallion. Their Outdoor Education studies culminate in a day trip to Rottnest Island in Year 9 and a three-day camp in Margaret River in Year 10.

In 2022, we introduced Enlighten - a new elective on offer for Year 9 students. Enlighten helps students develop their wellbeing skills for the future, focussing on gratitude, mindfulness, empathy, resilience, and emotional literacy, with each student's personal growth and development being at the heart of all projects.

Our Senior School Health and Physical Education classes include ATAR Physical Education Studies, Physical Recreation and Certificates Courses in Sport Coaching and Sport and Recreation.

  • Physical Education Studies is a hands-on course, incorporating topics of Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, Motor Learning and Coaching, Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology. There is also a practical component where students participate in a range of sports and labs. Students learn what it takes to be an elite athlete, making connections to their own experiences and aspirations.
  • Physical Recreation is a practical class, that is provided for all students to work on their physical and mental wellbeing in a range of engaging activities each term. Activities include but are not limited to; fitness, zumba, yoga, spin and stand up paddle boarding. These classes provide opportunities for students to be physically active, with fitness ideas to participate in beyond their schooling.
  • Our Certificate courses provide students with hands-on experiences in real-life situations relating to sport, with a primary focus on coaching. Students can use these skills to coach or assist teams in IGSSA Sport or use their qualifications beyond Year 12.

The love of Physical Education is evident in classes as girls participate with enjoyment and eagerness under the guidance of our passionate Physical Education staff.