Iona Presentation College

Health & Physical Education

The aim of the Health & Physical Education learning area is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop and refine their skills and knowledge associated with active and healthy lifestyles.

As students' progress throughout Middle School, they are introduced to a variety of sports in Physical Education and relevant topics in Health. Outdoor Education is introduced as an option at the Year 9 level.

In Year 10, the emphasis is on self-management, knowledge and understanding, and leadership in both Health and Physical Education. The Outdoor Education unit culminates in a camp in November. Currently this camp provides opportunities for students to experience the natural environment within the Naturaliste-Leeuwin region. Physical Education Studies is offered as an option at the Year 10 level.

Upper school Health & Physical Education includes the Access Learning Pathway and ATAR subjects of Physical Education Studies and Psychology. All senior students participate in one period a week of Physical Recreation activities.

Read the Health & Physical Education Learning Area Booklet 2017Read the Health & Physical Education Learning Area Booklet 2017