Iona Presentation College

History and the Presentation Sisters

History and The Presentation Sisters

Founded on 11 September 1907, the College is named after the Scottish Isle of Iona. Five Presentation Sisters from Kildare, Ireland, followed a call in the 1900s that brought them to Western Australia.

Perth's first Bishop, Bishop Gibney, felt the Mosman Park site reminded him of the Isle of Iona in Scotland, where Irish Saint Columba (or Columcille) founded a community in 563AD. The Scottish Isle of Iona became a centre of learning from which Saint Columba set forth to spread the Gospel. Bishop Gibney hoped that the site in Perth would fulfill the same purpose.

The Presentation Sisters have continued to work throughout Western Australia, providing assistance, advice and other services to the needy, in the true spirit of Nano Nagle.

Founder of the Presentation Sisters, Nano devoted her life to the education of the poor girls in her hometown of Cork, Ireland. Carrying a lantern through the dark streets, she would visit the sick and needy within the community, offering hope and compassion. The lantern has become a symbol for the Presentation Sisters, representing her kindness and God's love for the poor.

Nano Nagle brought love, care and hope to the poor, neglected, old, sick and frail. She felt compelled to help those deprived of hope and meaning. She is remembered for her life of faith in the Gospel of Jesus and her commitment to children and to all who struggled for justice and love.

In 2017, the Presentation Sisters transferred the governance of Iona Presentation College to the Archbishop of Perth. It remains a priority for the Archdiocese and the College to preserve the tradition, charism and story of the Presentation Sisters that has transformed Iona from its humble beginnings to the highly sought-after Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 educational facility that it is today.