Iona Presentation College

Building a Lifelong Desire to Learn

At Iona, we believe in an education that caters for the needs of your child and encourages them to extend themselves at every level, developing critical and creative thinking skills.

Through the combination of 'teaching' and 'learning', our aim is that students will leave our supportive community as resilient well-educated individuals, with strong values and a lifelong curiosity to learn. Iona graduands will be engaged, caring and active citizens of the world, able to set goals and see them through.

Throughout our Junior and Senior Schools, your child will be encouraged to extend themselves and achieve distinction according to their abilities and individual interests.


Encouraging Critical and Creative Thinkers

Today we live in a world of rapid change and scientific and technological advancements, so our education needs to cater for this change. At Iona, the subject and pathway choices that our students are offered is broad and our curriculum encourages the pursuit of excellence and academic growth.

We believe in educating the whole person by meeting the spiritual, intellectual, psychological and social needs of each student to play a part as citizens of the world—in whatever capacity they wish.

In addition to the normal disciplines promoting numeracy, literacy and physical wellbeing, the College places a high emphasis on information technology, foreign languages, music and the arts.