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Learning Enhancement

Teachers at Iona are committed to provide for the diverse needs of students in an educational environment where there is respect, tolerance and encouragement. Iona's Learning Enhancement Team works within all Learning Areas to identify students who have learning difficulties and special needs. Working closely with class teachers and Learning Area specialist teachers, the Learning Enhancement Team provides support for students within mainstream classes through inclusive teaching practices, addressing students' needs and assisting students in reaching their potential.

The Learning Enhancement Team works in partnership with not only teachers, but the parents of our students who have identified learning difficulties or disabilities. Effective partnership between home and school is essential to ensure the successful learning outcomes of students with disability.

Students who have supporting documentation which identifies their specific learning difficulty or disability have a Curriculum Adjustment Plan (CAP) prepared for them. This document is created by our College psychologists in consultation with the Learning Enhancement Coordinator and is easily assessed by all teachers through SEQTA. CAPs identify strategies to cater for student diversity in the classroom and provide suggestions for teachers identifying different ways for a student to access and engage with the curriculum.

For students who have a diagnosed learning difficulty or disability and are unable to successfully engage with the Year Level Curriculum of a particular Learning Area, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may be required. IEPs are developed in consultation with the Learning Enhancement Coordinator, the Learning Area specialist teacher or class teacher, and parents. When an IEP is developed, it will align with a student's individual learning goals and age-equivalent learning area content with the aim of providing the student with the best opportunity to learn at their level, and experience success through the provision of modified learning programs and modified assessments.

The Learning Enhancement Team:

  • Provides in-class support for children with special needs;
  • Provides small class and small group support;
  • Assesses students who may be at risk in literacy and numeracy;
  • Collaborates with teachers on developing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students with special needs;
  • Provides resources and teaching strategy support for classroom teachers with students with special needs and or learning difficulties;
  • Provides or organises professional assessment of current and prospective students with special needs and or learning difficulties;
  • Case manages students with special needs, including regular parent conferences and meetings with relevant teaching staff and external agencies;
  • Assists in whole school literacy planning, focusing on students at risk;
  • Provides pastoral care support for students with special needs and students at educational risk where necessary; and
  • Implements best teaching and learning practices that reflect an inclusive model of education across Learning Areas so that all students with disability can be supported by reasonable adjustments tailored to meet their individual needs.
  • Shares information with teaching staff to support their understanding of specific learning difficulties and how to cater for students with diverse learning needs.