Iona Presentation College

Faith Formation and Expanding Perspectives

Supporting parents in the faith education of their children

Our foundress, Venerable Nano Nagle's love for God and God's people has been talked about, written about, and prayed over for many years. As Presentation people our students are especially encouraged to be women and men of welcoming hearts, whose words and actions continue to speak the language of the heart each day.

For all students at Iona, the content studied in Religious Education classes enriches their understanding of both the Catholic Church and issues in contemporary society. It expands their perspectives on moral and ethical decision-making and supports their broader personal spiritual development in age appropriate ways.

Each student's spiritual growth is further nurtured through prayer, reflection as well as the many liturgical events throughout the year. We have a robust community of altar servers and Extraordinary Ministers trained by the College, who ably contribute to our many College and Year Masses.

Parents are encouraged to attend the various masses, liturgies and prayer services that are an integral part of life in a Catholic school.