Iona Presentation College

Growth and Development

We believe that the early years of childhood are the times for developing healthy, respectful and collaborative relationships. With the Junior and Senior Schools having their own distinct learning settings, all of our students enjoy being part of a strong united community, where role modelling and leadership responsibilities and opportunities are available to all students.

Service to Others

Iona provides an opportunity for children to practice being humble and caring citizens. Students are encouraged to become active citizens of the world with a lifelong ethos for giving back to those less fortunate. All Junior School classes have a responsibility to involve themselves in service activities, and for each Senior School student, service learning is an individual responsibility, through our formal program 'Iona Care'.

Academic Excellence

At Iona, we aim to foster an environment that encourages and challenges your child to achieve their best in all that they do. From Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 12, the Curriculum inspires students to explore and extend their potential according to their abilities and interests as they grow from dependence to independence. It develops critical and creative thinkers who are self-motivated and who give consideration to their own learning journey. Our students continue to achieve excellent academic results across all subject areas – year after year. Graduands of Iona Presentation College are well prepared for future study and work options.

Teachers Who Inspire

Your child will learn from teachers who love what they do and take their roles as educators very seriously. Our teaching staff are chosen because they are exceptional and passionate teachers, committed to help your child reach their full potential and embrace their unique talents.

A Support Network that Spans the Community

Your child's wellbeing is fundamental to their academic, mental and social growth. That is why pastoral care at Iona is an integral part of all activities and is embedded in every facet of College life.

Latest Technology

Iona is committed to using the latest technology and continuous connectivity across the campus enables every teaching area to be fully equipped with resources. Technology is infused into the curriculum at every level and students are guided to become well-informed and wise users of this ever-evolving information and learning tool.

Solid Sporting Reputation

Iona has a solid sporting reputation with excellent programs. With expert and supportive coaching, your child can excel in a vast range of sports with students competing as part of the Junior Independent Girls' Schools' Sports Association (JIGSSA) and the Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA). In the Senior School, girls compete in the Independent Girls' Schools' Sports Association (IGSSA). Playing sport is more than exercise—it provides opportunities for motivation; experiences in success and failure; and the development of leadership skills, camaraderie and selflessness.

Great Co-curricular Choices

It is important for students to have a balance of academic, social and physical pursuits, while also enjoying time with friends and family. The broad range of Co-curricular offerings in the Junior School and Senior School provide students with a variety of possibilities to find an activity they enjoy doing and where their skills lie.

Location and Transport - Iona ticks the Boxes

Our Buckland (Junior) and Palmerston (Senior) Campuses are both nestled in the leafy suburb of Mosman Park, between the Indian Ocean and the Swan River. As our students come from all over the metropolitan area, we offer southern (Mandurah/Cockburn/Murdoch) and northern (Karrinyup) private bus transport. Many other areas are serviced well with Transperth options leaving from or near the campuses.

An Iona Pupil Forever

'Belonging' is something we all desire and treasure. Our Past Pupils maintain a strong connection to the College and to each other through the Iona Past Pupils' Association (IPPA). A community of thousands, the IPPA network, led by a dynamic committee, coordinates regular events and initiatives, giving back and staying connected to each other and the College community as much as they can. For Once an Ionian, Always an Ionian.