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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which, we hope, may help in answering your enrolment questions:

When should an Enrolment Application be lodged?

We encourage you to register an Enrolment Application well in advance of the entry year.

Interviews are conducted by invitation only and usually occur two to three years prior to the year of admission.

What are the entry procedures following submission of the Enrolment Application Form?

  • Upon completion and return of the Enrolment Application form and Application Fee of $150, students are placed on a prospective future students' list.
  • Photocopies of the student's Birth Certificate must accompany the application along with a Baptismal Certificate, if applicable.
  • Prospective students not born in Australia, are required to provide proof of their Australian citizenship/residency or visa details.
  • This enrolment procedure must be followed for each child in the family wishing to secure a place.

When do enrolment interviews take place for entry into Iona?

Enrolment interviews take place two to three years prior to admission.

How many students attend Iona?

Iona Presentation College currently has approximately 960 students in the Senior School and 350 students in the Junior School.

Does Iona only accept Catholic students?

Although Catholic students are prioritised for placement, students of other religious denominations are also fully considered and subject to availability, as per the College Enrolment Policy.

When are the Iona Presentation College Open Mornings?

College Open Mornings are held several times a year and are advertised on the College website.

What happens if/when my child is offered a place at Iona?

Subsequent to interviews, families may be offered a place for their son or daughter. Following an offer, a period of two weeks is granted to accept the position by completion of the Admission Form and payment of the $1250 or $1550 Confirmation Fee depending on entry year level. This will secure your child's future place.

Does Iona provide an Orientation Program?

Yes. All details of the Orientation Program are sent to incoming students in the year prior to their commencement.

Do you have feeder schools?

We accept students from many different schools.

Does having a sibling at the College or a Past Pupil linkage give my child priority on the waiting list?

Having a sibling at the College or a mother or grandmother who attended the College will give your child priority on the waiting list, but it does not always guarantee a place.

Where is my child on the waiting list?

Due to the changing nature of waiting lists, we do not advise of a child's actual position at any point in time. However, we do advise parents of whether or not the child is well-placed and how likely it is that a place may become available.

For further information regarding the enrolment process or to enrol your daughter, please contact our College Registrar, Mrs Theresa Loughnan on 9285 5298 or