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Parent Council

Iona's community is energetic and compassionate—always willing to embrace new families and nurture our students and parents.

A part of Iona's wider community is the the Iona Parent Council. This parent group aims to assist the College to fulfill its educational responsibilities and to provide assistance in the building of a strong and supportive community of parents, teachers and students.

In conjunction with the College Leadership Team, the Parent Council helps to contribute to areas of need in the College via a range of fundraising initiatives and hands-on support. The Parent Council also meets regularly to organise social events at the College.

The Parent Council Executive is made up of the following roles:

Chair, Teresa Leone

The Chair shall be the Chairperson at all meetings. In the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair shall preside. In the absence of the Chair and Deputy Chair, the Executive Committee shall elect a new Chair.

Deputy Chair, Amanda Doyle

In the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair will preside.

Treasurer, Claire O'Malley

The Treasurer shall oversee the collection of all moneys due to the Parent Council and make all payments authorised by the Executive. They shall keep correct accounts showing the financial affairs of the association with full details of receipts, disbursements and other relevant particulars for periodical financial reports to the Executive. They shall present the annual accounts of the Executive at the Annual General Meeting.

Secretary, Natasha Smith

The Secretary shall keep full and correct minutes of all proceedings and resolutions of every meeting along with a record of names of members present at all such meetings. The Secretary will also keep a register of the names of members, their addresses and contact details.

College Principal, Robyn Miller

The Principal shall be a member of the Parent Council and of the Executive of the Parent Council.

Executive Officer, Georgia Allen

The Executive Officer shall be a member of the Parent Council and of the Executive of the Parent Council.

Council Members

The Council Members are comprised of representatives from various College community groups.

Parent Network

This network assists by providing hospitality support for College events and social occasions.

Friends of Sport

The Friends of Sport group assist the Head of Sport in organising College House and Inter-School sporting activities.

Friends of Music

Assist the Head of Music with a variety of activities and functions. This may include setting up for performances, assisting to serve refreshments at music events or helping to distribute promotional material.

Men of Iona

Help to build a sense of community, connection and support amongst the Men of the Iona community.

Iona Ministry

Help to coordinate assistance for families in need and to provide prayer opportunities and spiritual formation.