Iona Presentation College


Mission and Values

In accordance with the teaching of Jesus Christ, through the tradition of the Catholic Church and inspired by the compassion of our Founder, Nano Nagle, Iona Presentation College strives to achieve the best spiritual, intellectual, physical and cultural outcome for your child.


Six Iona values underpin all that the College strives for. Each year, a value is chosen as a focus. By the time students reach Year 12, they have lived through and practised each value to the best of their ability.

  • Excellence: Foster an environment that encourages us to achieve our best in all endeavours.
  • Community: Promote a sense of belonging where each member of our community is valued and has a role to play.
  • Social Justice: Take an active role in defending personal rights by showing compassion and working together to help those in need.
  • Love of Learning: Inspire a passion for knowledge that enables us to explore, challenge and be creative in our lives.
  • Integrity: Be true to ourselves, live with honour and have the courage to defend our beliefs.
  • Tradition: Honour our Presentation heritage and embrace our role in its continuation.

2017 Head Girl, Lauren Fleming, on what the value of Social Justice means to her.

Social justice is about taking an active role in defending the personal rights of others who may be less fortunate than ourselves. When we show compassion, and work together to help those in need, social justice can be achieved even on a global scale. However, this all branches from the small acts of selflessness that we can choose to carry out each and every day. In order to make a difference in this world, you must first make a difference to the worlds of individuals. From this, our actions have a ripple effect, and we can touch the lives of the wider community. When we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, we can do great things for others and inspire those around us to do the same.