Iona Presentation College

Mission and Values


Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus and life of Venerable Nano Nagle, Iona Presentation College challenges and encourages students to become reflective, purposeful, and courageous young people who make a difference in the world.


To provide a nurturing, vibrant, holistic, and contemporary Catholic education in the Presentation Spirit, which guides individuals and enables them to develop their true potential.


Six Iona values underpin an Iona education. Each year, a value is chosen as a focus. By the time students reach Year 12, they have lived through and practised each value to the best of their ability.

  • Heritage & Tradition: To celebrate our Presentation heritage as a foundation for embracing and building our future.
  • Excellence: To discover opportunities, set challenging goals, develop a strong work ethic and strive to do our best.
  • Community: To be a people of "welcoming heart" and kindness who create a sense of belonging where each member of our community is valued.
  • Social Justice & Compassion: To inspire all to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and, informed by the Catholic Social Teaching, to take action for those in need in our communities.
  • Courage & Integrity: To be true to ourselves, to be genuine to others, to live with honour and demonstrate personal conviction.
  • Love of Learning: To ignite a passion for lifelong learning that enables us to explore, reflect, create and achieve.