Iona Presentation College

Mission and Values

In accordance with the teaching of Jesus Christ, through the tradition of the Catholic Church and inspired by the compassion of our Founder, Nano Nagle, Iona Presentation College strives to achieve the best spiritual, intellectual, physical and cultural outcome for your child.


Six Iona values underpin an Iona education. Each year, a value is chosen as a focus. By the time students reach Year 12, they have lived through and practised each value to the best of their ability.

  • Heritage & Tradition: To celebrate our Presentation heritage as a foundation for embracing and building our future.
  • Excellence: To discover opportunities, set challenging goals, develop a strong work ethic and strive to do our best.
  • Community: To be a people of "welcoming heart" and kindness who create a sense of belonging where each member of our community is valued.
  • Social Justice & Compassion: To inspire all to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and, informed by the Catholic Social Teaching, to take action for those in need in our communities.
  • Courage & Integrity: To be true to ourselves, to be genuine to others, to live with honour and demonstrate personal conviction.
  • Love of Learning: To ignite a passion for lifelong learning that enables us to explore, reflect, create and achieve.

2020 Head Girl Kate Hassett, on what the value of Heritage and Tradition means to her: katehassett.jpg

With the new school build fast approaching completion, it is more important than ever that we recognise our past and legacy as Presentation Women, and where our roots come from. When the Sisters sailed over from the isle of Iona over 110 years ago and built Iona Presentation College, between the river and the sea;  who could have predicted it would lead to this close-knit and nurturing Iona community we have today. We as a College can honour the heritage of Iona by becoming women of Presentation character in a modern world, celebrating the values and ideals founded all those years ago.

By growing in understanding of our heritage, we can better focus on the legacy that we as Iona women wish to leave behind. The basis of this can be expressed in a quote from the English author, Henry James. 'A tradition is kept alive only by something being added to it.'

As we embark into 2020, we must think about what we want to add to the rich fabric of the Iona community, and how we can make a difference, following in the footsteps of the generations of women before us, leading by example for those who come after.