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Day in the Life - Indiya - Year 7 Student

Indiya is in Year 7 and has enjoyed the adventure of starting high school at Iona. She has found that getting involved in lots of activities has helped her make friends and learn new things. This is a typical day in the life of Indiya.

Early start for Water Polo

Today I am up very early for Water Polo training with my Iona Water Polo team. This is one of the IGSSA sports that we can choose from and it is played in Term 4. We play against girls from the other girls' schools in Perth. During Term 4 we have training for Water Polo once a week. It's nice now that the weather is getting warmer to be able to get in the pool.

Homeroom to start my Day

I'm in Homeroom listening to the day's notices. The roll is taken in Homeroom and we find out about anything important that is happening around the school. After Homeroom there are six periods in the day. Sometimes we have seven periods and the extra period is used for a year level assembly or a whole school assembly, or sometimes even rehearsals or House activities for a school event.

My favourite subject - Textiles!

I love starting the day with Textiles with Mrs Costa—this is my favourite subject!! This year we have made heaps of stuff but my favourite is the pillow case cover which I am working on at the moment.

Time for guitar

I look forward to my private guitar lesson every week. I go to the Music Department for my lesson. There is an Instrumental Recital every year that music students perform in. Lots of the girls who play instruments are also in different music ensembles or in the orchestra.

Lunch activity

I am part of the Enviro group. We meet up every Friday lunch time to talk about issues affecting our world’s environment. Together we look at ways we can make a difference, and play a small part in helping somehow

Learning in Maths

Maths is enjoyable when you have a great teacher like Mrs Schubert.  She is really good at explaining things. At the moment we are learning about time. We are focusing on things such as the 24 hour clock, 12 hour clock and bus timetables.

Religion with Mrs Husband

Period 6 today is RE with Mrs Husband. At the moment we are working from a book called No Greater Love and the theme of the book is 'prayer'. We have chosen a Psalm and are going through each verse together in class. Later in the week we will be using our MacBooks in class to create a poster to express this Psalm.

Iona Care to finish the day

Before I go home I help tidy the library and stack books to get some Iona Care hours. In Year 7 we do our Iona Care hours at school, so I keep an eye out in the Homeroom messages for teachers who need help with little jobs around the school. It's been a good way to find out where all the different classrooms and departments are.