Iona Presentation College

Iona Care

Service and Giving Back      

The Founder of the Presentation Sisters, Nano Nagle, brought love, care and hope to those in need. It is in this tradition that at Iona there is a strong belief in the capacity and responsibility of our young women to contribute significantly to their community.

Iona students are encouraged to practice active citizenship through involvement in one or more of the many groups offered at the College. Service groups help students develop an understanding of the wider world and encourages them to participate in helping those less fortunate than themselves. By following Nano Nagle's motto 'deeds not words' and helping others, students learn and broaden their own education by increasing empathy and awareness with the aim that Ionians leave school with a lifelong ethos of service and giving back to their community.

To do this, all students at Iona are involved in our community service program, Iona Care.

The Service opportunities and requirements are different at each year level within this program, providing girls with new challenges and skills as they mature.

Community Service is also a part of students' Religious Education Curriculum and relevant for graduation in the older year groups.