Iona Presentation College

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At Iona, we encourage your child to enjoy and develop their leadership potential and we are committed to providing the necessary skills and confidence they need to contribute meaningfully to society.

Importantly, the success and effectiveness of students who embrace their leadership potential is not determined by their popularity or profile, but by their service to others and in the spirit of our Presentation ethos.

Leadership at Iona Presentation College is unequivocally Catholic; based on the model of leadership presented in the life and ministry of Jesus. The development of leadership qualities is considered to be an important part of the commitment of Iona Presentation College to empower our students to make a difference.

To prepare students for future leadership roles, whether formal or informal, and the many demands they will face, the College is committed to helping them develop:

  • the ability to lead and motivate others
  • a sense of responsibility
  • a sense of belonging and participation
  • high levels of interpersonal skills
  • self-esteem
  • confidence
  • pride in serving
  • organisational skills.

Our students understand that leadership at Iona is the result of a willingness to commit to a wide range of College activities and is the result of a genuine interest in contributing to the life of the College.

The extensive array of co-curricular opportunities on offer for every student at Iona means that no matter what a student's interest, expertise or passion, there is an opportunity for each student to demonstrate her ability to lead, motivate and mentor.