Iona Presentation College

Community Outreach

Immersion programs used as learning opportunities for our students whilst in unfamiliar environments. They are used to broaden each student's experiences and learn about different cultures at the same time as making a contribution to the community.

Every year, in August, approximately ten Iona Presentation College pupils and two staff visit a remote Catholic school, in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, for a week. The girls assist at the school in the classrooms, as well as experience a perspective and understanding of the culture of Indigenous Australians in this part of the East Kimberley.

World Challenge is an organisation that coordinates expeditions to Thailand and Laos. It offers students an opportunity to develop life skills through real life experiences in helping others through service and develops leadership skills, resilience and empathy. This 18 month program takes place biennially. The students are given total control of the planning, such as the booking of accommodation, destinations, time spent in each place and transport. They are also required to budget for the group to eat, travel and participate in activities.