Iona Presentation College

Production Arts

At Iona Presentation College, the Production Arts suite of subjects provides our students with many opportunities to share, cultivate and convey creative ideas with others within an innovative, state-of-the-art learning space.

Our aim in the Production Arts Learning Area is to provide our students with a repertoire of appropriate skills, techniques and processes to facilitate maximum participation in, and understanding of, the world of Visual Arts, Media and Design.

From Year 7, students are presented with many disciplines and techniques for the first time. By the time they reach Year 12, they have become independent visual artists presenting sophisticated portfolios of work.

In the Production Arts area, we strive to ensure each and every student feels welcomed, empowered and encouraged to find their individual talents and pursue their own original ideas.

Students at Iona have the opportunity to experience a range of studio areas in our multi-purpose facilities: painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, printmaking, photography, media and design. Through a diverse range of mediums, students have the opportunity to explore their ideas by using direct experience, observation, curiosity, research, imagination and emotion. They are encouraged to interpret and reflect upon both their own work, that of their peers and also the works of contemporary Australian and International artists, designers and filmmakers with an analytical eye.