Iona Presentation College

A Day in the Life - Kindy Student

George is in Kindergarten. He enjoys spending time with the other boys and girls and loves coming to school. This is a typical day in the life of George.

Morning activities

Every day is a little bit different in Kindy – with different activities, puzzles, books and games to play. I like it best when we have an outdoor activity with water, and we all put our hats on to pour the water into different sized jugs. Then we get ready for our morning tea snack by washing our hands. My friend Sam's Mum was in the class to help the teacher today.

Books and Puzzles

When we get back to class, we sit together on the mat so that the teacher can tell us about all the books and puzzles that are in the box for today. My favourite stories to read have animals in them. Today I am trying to finish a tricky puzzle.


Before we go to lunch we say a prayer called Grace. This is thanking God for our food. Today I have got a sandwich and a mandarin in my lunchbox. Our favourite game today was playing with trucks in the sand.

Rest and Indoor Play Time

After lunch we have a rest time and then I did some drawings and played with the costumes before I went home.