Iona Presentation College

Our Programs for Wellbeing

Junior School

In the Junior School, the classroom teacher is the first point of contact for parents and children as they nurture and support the learning of your child.

Pastoral and wellbeing activities are integrated into the school day and foster skills such as curiosity, creativity, initiative, independence, confidence and an emerging spirituality.

Senior School

The wellbeing program for each year group is specifically designed to meet the needs of students within that cohort and is revised at the end of each year to address the needs of the next incoming class.

Year 7 - Step Up and Take the Challenge

The Year 7 Get Real Program focuses on the development of four areas:

  1. R = Relationships
    Students are taught and encouraged to build and maintain respectful relationships.
  2. E = Environment
    Students feel safe and well-nurtured as students and as part of a larger Iona community.
  3. A = Achievement
    Students are motivated to achieve personally and academically.
  4. L = Leadership
    All students work individually and with staff to realise their potential. They are also encouraged to accept the challenges they face by formulating plans, goals and time-lines.

In addition to the Get Real Program, students are also given the opportunity to participate in the Peer Support program with Year 11 students.

Year 8 - Building Resilience

The 2022 Year 8 Pastoral Care program has been intentionally designed to build students capacity to sit with discomfort and tolerate uncertainty. In our complex and ever-changing world, this acknowledges the importance of actively fostering reflection, resilience, agility and adaptability in our young people. Year 8 students will participate in a range of practical and theoretical experiences around these themes.

Year 9 - Making a Positive Difference

In Year 9, students are given an array of opportunities to flourish by focusing on their mental and physical wellbeing.  It is here, through the support of external groups and weekly programs that students come together under the umbrella of 'Year 9 Girls are GREAT"

Year 10 - Prepare for Success

The common focus for students in Year 10 is 'positive choices'. With the support of Homeroom teachers, expert personnel and programs, students are given information that assists them in making informed decisions that reflect a healthy positive attitude to self and to others.

Year 11 - Pathways to Excellence

In Year 11, whilst academic study is the focus, our young women are given opportunities to develop their talents in unity and to respect one another's differences. To this end, many guest speakers are sought and specialist programs are fully utilised to ensure that students 'make the transition to independence'.

Year 12 - Looking Beyond School

The major focus on Year 12 is to nurture, guide and motivate students to make the most of their final year at the College. There is an emphasis to strive for personal academic success in both the ATAR and Access pathways.  It is also about creating a healthy balance between study, co-curricular commitments, family and friends.

The pastoral program centres on the role of leadership, service and in becoming responsible young adults.

It is also about preparing students for life after school and to foster an environment where each individual leaves school with the best possible opportunity to pursue their future interests and make good choices.

We encourage our Year 12s to strive for academic excellence, to develop their social conscience and faith and for them to enrich the wider community.