Iona Presentation College

A Day in the Life - Grace - Year 11 WACE Student

Grace is a Year 11 student, who has opted to study WACE ATAR subjects (previously known as TEE). Students in Year 11 can opt between this or WACE Access Learning pathways. Here are some excerpts from a typical day of Grace's life at Iona.

ChoirUp early to sing

I am up bright and early this morning for College Chorale rehearsal. We meet before school every Monday and Thursday morning. I have been in the Chorale since 2009 and really enjoy it. Mrs Lamborn always selects great songs for us to sing at College events. Here is a photo of me singing at Presentation Night this year.

ItalianMi Chiamo Grace

Today in Period 1 I have Italian with Signora Alberti. I have been studying Italian since I was in Primary School and my Italian has certainly improved over the years. The teachers at Iona are great and the Italian Exchange Program which Iona offers to Years 11 and 12 students is amazing. I am very excited because I have been selected to participate in the exchange program and will be going to Italy over the summer holidays and will be hosted by a family whilst there.

DramaMy favourite subject - Drama!

I always look forward to Drama, it is one of my favourite WACE subjects! My class has just completed a unit on Bertolt Brecht's Epic Theatre and we are now working on our practical examinations which are scripted monologues from contemporary Australian plays. Mr Brant is a very inspiring Drama teacher.

Red CrossLunchtime Cook Up

Today at lunch the Red Cross group are involved in a 'cook up'. The food that we cook goes to a homeless shelter for women, a drop in centre in Fremantle and other supported accommodation services in the area. Being a part of the Red Cross service group is very rewarding. I really enjoyed the Hot Soup Lunch which we held to support the Red Cross Soup Patrol. This year we also collected old books, magazines and stationery and sent these to a remote Indigenous community.

HistoryGerman History in Period 5

After lunch I have History. Today in class we are investigating Europe's response to the Foreign Policy of Nazi Germany, and the events leading up to the Second World War. I am finding History very interesting this year and I am very glad that I selected it as one of my WACE subjects.

EnglishLast Period - English

My last period for the day is English with Mrs Mack. We are going over past English exam papers to prepare us for our upcoming English exam. This year we have read a number of books including Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta and The Test by Angelica Gibbs. We have also studied a number of films including The September Issue, Billy Elliot and A Brave Face.

Production RehearsalAnything Goes

After school I have production rehearsal. At the moment we are rehearsing for Anything Goes which will be showcased at the Regal Theatre. We rehearse two to three times a week after school, but closer to the production date we will rehearse four times a week. Although it is a lot of work it is also a great experience and well worth it. It is a great way to mix with other Ionians and make new friends. This is a photo of me and Mackenzie.


After dinner I settle down for the night with some study for my exams. I aim to study three hours every night and when exams are closer I spend Saturday afternoons and Sundays studying as well. To make sure I am well organised and have everything I need at home, I make sure I take home all the books that I need in my bag each day after school!