Iona Presentation College

Years 3 to 6


A broad and balanced curriculum …

At this stage of development, your child's world is expanding, and they are interested in and speculating about other times, places, people and societies.  Different points of view begin to be appreciated and children begin to develop their ability to think in more abstract terms and focus for longer.

Our broad and balanced curriculum at this stage provides opportunities for students to work collaboratively in activities that involve decision making and group planning, as well as building on skills of responsibility and individual organisation.

Literacy and Numeracy are treated as priority areas for our dedicated teachers, knowing that these areas underpin learning across the curriculum for years to come.  A Support Teacher and Educational Assistants are working in the classrooms to assist children who require additional support and our Academic Enrichment specialist provides programs which aim to identify strengths and extend able students beyond the curriculum.

The Arts

The Arts have the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging them to reach their creative and expressive potential.  At Iona, our study of the Arts aims to develop students' understanding of local, regional and global cultures, and their histories and traditions.

In Music, students listen to, compose and perform music from a diverse range of styles, traditions and contexts, while developing a repertoire of songs. Music practice is aurally based and focuses on acquiring and using skills, knowledge, and understanding about music and musicians. Music lessons are taught weekly and students have the opportunity to integrate music technology.

Instrumental tuition in a variety of instruments is available through the College – and these are taught by professional Music tutors. Information on the instruments and lessons is available here.

In Visual Arts, students experience and explore the concepts of artists, artworks, world and audience. Two dimensional and three dimensional media and techniques are explored during sessions. Techniques and practices such as pottery, textiles, painting, printing, drawing, collage and construction are often integrated with a theme or concept being explored within the classroom. Students from Year 3-6 receive specialised instruction in Art over a double period each fortnight, ensuring substantive time is provided for the creative process.

Students who are gifted in this area may be selected to participate in our Art Extension Program which is available for Year 5 and/or Year 6 students.

Iona Presentation College displays students' work in the biennial IPSHA Art Exhibition, as well as other exhibitions.

Health and Physical Education

Developing knowledge, understanding and skills for leading healthy, safe, and active lives forms the basis of the curriculum in Health and Physical Education in the Primary years. Students participate in activities which emphasise fair play and inclusion, enhance fitness, protective behaviours, practice and refine fundamental movement skills and build knowledge of rules and scoring systems. The program includes swimming, athletics, cross country, and other minor and major games.

To provide students with a diverse range of activities, Year 5 and 6 students also participate in surf life-saving, triathlon and water polo with trained instructors.

The Sport Program is also well supported through our Junior School co-curricular offerings with wide and varied sports available.


Language learning broadens students' horizons to include all the possibilities that an interconnected world presents. Continuing from the Early Childhood program, it is recognised that students learn another language through rich language input. The Indonesian tuition program from Years 3-6 builds on vocabulary and conversation skills, as well as developing students' abilities to interpret a range of texts and other stimuli.