Iona Presentation College

Applied Science & Human Development

The Applied Science & Human Development learning area allows students to extend themselves in many practical-related areas. Each student is welcomed to be involved in one or more of the courses on offer within the Foods, Textiles or Child Development areas.

  • This outstanding course, which is suitable for all abilities can give Iona girls the chance to follow their passion with a hands-on practical subject and learn skills that they will use for the rest of their loves.
  • They also get the wonderful opportunity to be involved in projects with members of different communities, use exciting new equipment in Foods & Textiles, learn about new food products with an ethical and local focus and be involved in interactive nutrition website development.
  • The courses have a practical and hands-on approach and relate to the processes of applying knowledge, skills and resources to satisfy human needs and wants, extending capabilities and realising opportunities. It uses resources, including materials (both raw and processed), tools and machines, knowledge, skills and experiences. It teaches students to care for others through examination of development and developmental needs, social belief systems, the family, values and resources that support daily living.
  • The opportunity to engage with the community is an important focus. Whether it is through guest speakers, excursions to course-related venues or visits to conduct activities; the students can extend their learning in a positive manner.

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